Tuesday, July 12, 2005

INDEF & APP versus Vulture Investors

Is it a coincidence that three staffs of INDEF (Institute for what?), Iman Sugema, Aviliani, and Usman Hidayat published two articles at two major newspapers at the same time with the same message?

Today, Tuesday, July 12, Kompas published Iman’s article titled Activities of Vulture Investor while Bisnis Indonesia published Aviliani and Usman’s with title Learning from corporate debt restructuring

Last week, Bisnis Indonesia (July 5) also run an article titled Bad Vulture Investors & APP wrote by M Fadhil Hasan, director of INDEF.

While their writing structure quite different, the messages are all the same. Both articles cited the only case of Asia Pulp & Paper. Both agreed that APP is a victim of vulture investors. No counter argument at all, things that should be done by those who claimed themselves as analysts.

I could understand if INDEF is taking side with APP. But how come both newspapers didn’t edit these imbalanced articles carefully? Did they just too naïve to believe in INDEF’s claim of independency or to believe that these articles came out of nowhere all of a sudden for free? It is an advocacy for APP or a kind of advertising that newspapers should charge upon…

Both Iman’s and Aviliani’s article failed to consider how much loss APP has made to the state, to the Indonesian people?

We have to remember that APP is no saint. APP left Bank International Indonesia (BII) with trillions of bad debts that should be bailed out by government bonds.



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