Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Privatization No, Sorry Yes!

What an ignominious statement. State owned enterprises minister Sugiharto said recently that government resumed privatization plan, with targeted fund to be raised up to Rp3.5 trillion for the state budget.

Shortly after assumed the cabinet post for SOEs, Sugiharto was reportedly asked his staffs for not use the privatization word anymore. Some experts then lauded Sugiharto by publicly condemned privatization and termed privatization as a fishy word. Look at Dr Rhenald Kasali’s article, Privatization No, Corporatization Yes!

The fact that his colleague, Chief Economy Minister Aburizal Bakrie, has openly speak about privatization means all other populist anti-privatization hubris will change their minds for the sake of money (budget and lofty fees) again.

For me, it is not surprising. Heavily identified as the closest ally of US, you can imagine the anti-privatization mood was just lip service. The mood will erode soon as all of us having sort of short memory on things.

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