Monday, March 29, 2010

Gayus Tambunan & The Mafia

Mas Achmad Sentosa, a member of Task Force To Eradicate Court Mafia, established by the President, said on Saturday the team suspected that the the Gayus Tambunan case may not only implicate police and prosecutors, but could also Gayus’ lawyers and judges.
He said he came up with a conclusion after learning irregularities in the former tax officer case – starting from investigation until the issuance of a verdict, which let him free. “A clear indication is a move to unblock his (Gayus) bank account,” Achmad was quoted by Koran Tempo .
He said, since Gayus’ account was unblocked on Nov 22, 2009, up to Rp 28 billion has been withdrawn from Gayus account. The task force also detected the suspicious withdrawal of Rp 6.2 billion from Gayus account. Andi Kosasih, who previously claimed that the missing Rp24.5 billion in Gayus Account, was his money, failed to prove it. Andi has been been detained by the police. The task force learnt that Andi only got Rp 1.95 billion of the missing Rp 24.5 billion.
Late Sunday, Denny Indrayana, secretary of the task force, said at a press conference that the “independent team”, established by the police has discovered evidence of the presence of court and legal mafias in the Gayus Tambunan case. However, he declined to disclose.
Denny called on the tax office to strengthen internal control and work procedure system. The Gayus case shows the presence of tax mafias. It also indicates that the reformed in the tax office still long way to go.
The public is following the Gayus case with great enthusiasm. Will the police, the tax department, Attorney General act firmly in eradicating such mafia practices?

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Anonymous Gayus said...

Gayus is the man.

April 06, 2010 6:09 PM  
Anonymous Adi said...

Gayus Tambunan, The Legend #1 corruptor in Indonesia

September 27, 2019 6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sejarah Perang Gerilya – Irregular warfare atau yang dikenal dengan perang irregular adalah perang yang dilakukan tidak seperi lazimnya perang yang mempertemukan dua pasukan didalam medan perang.

January 03, 2021 12:08 AM  

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